BEST HINT:   To make sculpties look better from all distances:

  1. Go to Advanced Menu (Ctrl-Alt-D -OR- Preferences>Advanced>Click “Show Advanced Menu”)
  2. Go to Debug Settings
  3. Find “RenderVolumeLODFactor”
  4. Change the number to 4 or more.
  5. Close the window.

This has made the biggest difference for me and I advise anyone using Second Life to change this setting.  (Note: If you are using a TPV like Exodus or Firestorm/Phoenix, there might be a quicker way to make this adjustment. This is the fastest way using the official LL Viewer3.


Sculpted furniture can save lots of prims and they look great, but like most things in SL, they come with a few minor annoyances:

  • Sculpties often look like round blobs for a short time before they fully rez. One way of dealing with this is to put the furniture behind a wall or otherwise out of view from the entry point you and your visitors mainly use, so that it will have time to rez fully before it comes into your view.

  • A sculpted prim only has one texture face. That means that if you retexture it, the whole prim is affected. You can make textures for sculpties; just don’t ask me to do it. I will, however, try to fulfill color/texture requests when I am able. Sometimes, changing the Mapping setting from “Default” to “Planar” will improve the look of a texture on a sculpted prim.
  • Sculpted prims look best when Object Detail in your SL Graphics Preferences is set to High. If your computer can’t handle this setting, sculpted furniture may not be the ideal choice for you.

More info on sculpties:

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