These sculpties look bad!

BEST HINT:   To make sculpties look better from all distances:

  1. Go to Advanced Menu (Ctrl-Alt-D -OR- Preferences>Advanced>Click “Show Advanced Menu”)
  2. Go to Debug Settings
  3. Find “RenderVolumeLODFactor”
  4. Change the number to 4 or more.
  5. Close the window.

This has made the biggest difference for me and I advise anyone using Second Life to change this setting.  (Note: If you are using a TPV like Exodus or Firestorm, there might be a quicker way to make this adjustment. This is the fastest way using the official LL Viewer3.  Find more info on the “About Sculpties” page.

I paid for something but I never received it.

Occasionally during heavy lag or bad connectivity, it will appear that an item you purchased did not make it to your inventory. Usually, this is a problem with Second Life’s cache system. The item really is in your inventory, but you can’t see it.  Before clearing your cache, try restarting Second Life to see if the item shows up.

Here is how to clear your cache in case the items don’t show up after a restart:

  • In Viewer3, go to Me>Preferences>Advanced  (In other viewers, look for Preferences>Network or something similar)
  • Click the “Clear Cache” button
  • Restart Second Life
  • Give your inventory a few minutes to load. It helps to type a few characters into the “Search” field in the Inventory folder.

If the item does not show up, contact Sera Lok via IM or notecard and I’ll get it resolved ASAP.


————————-(this pic is from the Imprudence 1.2 viewer)—————————–

My item is not working correctly (poses not working, menu not responding…).

There are various reasons your items may not be working correctly.

  • Your item is not set to the correct rental/land
    group: The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure you activate your
    group tag before you rez any items (to activate group tags: Edit —
    Groups — click on rental group — click “Activate”-the group should now
    be in bold letters). If you need to change an item that is already
    rezzed, right click and select “Edit,” click “Set” under the General
    tab, and select your rental group, then click “OK.”
  • The scripts have broken: To reset the scripts in your
    item, right-click and select “Edit,” and while the Edit Box is open, go
    to the upper menu and click “Tools” — “Reset Scripts in Selection.” In
    Viewer 2, go to the upper menu and click “Build” — “Reset Scripts in
    Selection.” (Note: this only works with modifiable items.)
  • You have removed the necessary scripts or animations,
    or unlinked/linked the item in such a way that it breaks the scripts:
    In most cases I will help you fix the problem if you have unintentially
    removed scripts from an item. I will not replace items that have scripts
    and animations removed. If you have linked the object incorrectly after
    unlinking it, you can return it to me for a replacement.
  • You may have accidentally set your scripts to “Not Running.” In this case, right click your
    item and select “Edit,” and while the Edit Box is open, go to the upper menu and click “Tools” — “Set Scripts to Running in Selection.” In
    Viewer 2, go to the upper menu and click “Build” — “Set Scripts to Running in Selection.”


I moved my swing and now it’s separate from the frame.

  • Before you do anything else, Right click and Edit the piece that you moved and hit Ctrl-Z.  You might have to do this a few times to get it back to the original location.
  • While that piece is still selected, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then click all the other components of the swing.
  • When all components are selected, use the positioning arrows to move all the pieces around.
  • Do not Link the swing! It will break it and you’ll have to send it back for a replacement.
  • If you need a new swing, not a big deal, just send IM to Sera Lok and drag your broken swing onto my profile.  I’ll send you a new one ASAP. 🙂


My objects got returned and now I can’t find them.

  • All items that are returned to you should show up in your Lost and Found folder.
  • If you cannot find an individual item, it’s usually because the items were returned as a “coalesced object.” This means that instead of going back to your inventory one by one, the items were returned all at once as a single collection to your Lost and Found folder. When this happens, you will only see one object with a slightly different icon than normal objects (it will look like a stack of boxes), like this:




Here are the steps to see if your lost item is contained in one of these coalesced items:

  • Go to a large open area, such as a sandbox
  • Open your inventory window, click “Sort,” then “By Date”
  • Open the Lost and Found folder and look for any objects that have the multi-box icon.
  • Rez the coalesced object onto the ground. Hopefully all your “missing” items are there!


For more detailed information about recovering lost inventory, please visit the Second Life Knowledge Base Article dedicated to this subject.


My lights don’t light up.

If your lights don’t work, there are several possibilities why.

  • Check the land info: If scripts are not allowed, and your lamp isn’t set to the right group, the light won’t work.
  • Check your Preferences: In V3, Go to Me>Preferences>Graphics, and under “Shaders,” make sure “Local Lights” is checked. (make sure to hit “Apply” near the bottom of the window if you’ve changed it)
  • Check how many other lights are around: Second Life has a limit to how many lights it will display. For more information, see: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Light



I accidentally recolored/resized/totally messed up my item, can you fix it?

Probably. 🙂 Send me an IM or notecard inworld. I have no problem exchanging items as long as all original scripts and poses are intact.


Can you make this in X color/texture?

Probably. If I’m not ultra-busy, I will recolor/retexture an item for you on the spot. If I’m busy, I will keep your request on file and complete it as soon as I am able. Recolors/retextures are free of charge.


My item poofed away right before my eyes!

  • Your item may have been returned to your inventory’s Lost and Found folder. Hit Ctrl-H to bring up your chat history and look for a message saying “Your so and so item has been returned to your inventory….” If you see this, look in the Lost and Found folder for your item.
  • Perhaps you dragged your item(s) into the floor of your home or other object.  Check any objects that were nearby when you were rezzing your item: right-click and select Edit, then look in the “Contents” tab for your missing items. If you find them, drag each item individually back to your inventory to restore them.
  • You may have been moving your item around and lost control of it. In this case, you may find it helpful to open up your mini-map (Mini-Map button at the bottom of the screen) and look for blue or pink colored areas; these are your objects (or objects you deeded to a group, if they are pink)
  • You may have accidentally made your item Physical. If it is also set to Phantom, the item falls through the floor and keeps falling until it hits the ground. Look around the ground level of your land to see if you can find the item. When you find it, Edit to uncheck the Physical checkbox under the Object tab.
  • You don’t have enough prims on your land to rez the item. Solution: remove some other objects from the parcel before you try to rez the new item.



Do you sell any of your items in a copy/no transfer version?

Yes!  For several reasons, Lok’s is committed to making more copiable items from now on.  For older items you will need to contact me personally to see if they are available in copy perms.  ALSO, if you have an item that I have updated to copyable, you can trade in your no-copy item for the copyable one.



Can I exchange my previously purchased no-copy item for something else?


Yes, this is not a problem. Just contact me inworld and we can work it out.  If the item is no transfer, I’m sorry, this cannot be arranged due to the nature of no transfer items.



My item has script errors.

  • Contact Sera Lok via IM or notecard if you are having script errors.
  • If your item is erroring, resetting the scripts can fix the problem in some cases (like MLP items). Right click the item, select “Edit,”, then go to the top menu and click “Build”  > “Scripts” > “Reset Scripts in Selection.”   Note that this will not work for no-mod items.
  • Another easy solution to this problem, in the case of seating and other items with pose scripts inside, is to sit on the poseball or prim that is causing the script error. This fixes most poseball script errors.
  • (Note: the script error in the Hammock for 1-3 is a known bug.  It has no effect on the operation of the product. I know it’s annoying though, sorry!)



I want something custom made. How much do you charge?

If you are requesting something that I think will sell in my shop, and you agree for the item to be non-exclusive, I will charge only the amount I decide to charge for the item in the store. However, if you want exclusive custom work done, I will charge an upfront fee of $5,000L and an hourly fee of $1,500L.



My real life and Second Life schedule do not always allow me to do as much custom work as I would like. I am always welcome to new ideas and requests from you, I just don’t always have time to make the items requested or suggested. If you have a suggestion for improvements to an existing product or for a new product, you can IM me directly inworld (Sera Lok), or send me a notecard.  You can also drop the card at my mailbox inworld, or send me a message via web profiles.

Please look at my profile in Second Life to see if I am currently accepting custom work. It should say in the first page of my profile or in my Picks section.

I do recolors and simple changes as quickly as I can, but sometimes what the customer thinks is a simple job turns out to be something more complicated, so please do not take offense if I do not answer your request right away.  In the case of retextures, turnaround is usually very short. 🙂

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