LOK'S AD - Love to Decorate 2438x1690 150dpi


Lok’s Low Prim Furniture was founded in April of 2007 by Sera Lok. It started as a small store on a 1024 lot with a few offerings and now offers a complete sim full of low prim products.

Lok’s Mottos:

Lok’s first motto is that the customer IS the business. Without customers, Lok’s would not exist. Therefore, the customer’s satisfaction with the products and their pleasant experience at the store is Lok’s highest priority at all times.

Lok’s motto for creating is to put as much function into as few prims as possible while maintaining an aesthetic standard.

Lok’s believes that furniture should be priced fairly in SL and therefore strives to maintain competitive pricing that might deceive customers about the high quality of Lok’s items. Don’t be fooled!

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