Arabian Nights Stargazing and Cuddle Rug

Kastle Rock’s Arabian Nights 2 Hunt starts today and runs through May 15th.  All gifts are L$1.  There are some great prizes to be had!

Lok’s gift is a Stargazing and Cuddle Rug, only 3 land impact, copy/modify, with stargazing and cuddle animations.  Hint and more information available at Lok’s Inworld Store.

Arabian Nights Stargazing and Cuddle Rug 512x512

Happy Hunting!

Low Primmingly Yours,

Sera Lok

Lok’s Low Prim Furniture in Second Life®

New Tropical Plant Groupings, Updates Hayes Bed, and Weekend Sales

Hi there, here are some new releases & updates along with a handful of nice sales for this weekend, plus info on continuing hunts and events Lok’s is participating in.

Visit Lok’s Inworld Store to see all new releases, sales, and info near the entrance.

If you don’t have time to visit the store, please visit my Marketplace Store.  Search for sale or promo to see all the current sales!


By customer request, I have made an add-on set to the Tropical Plant Groupings.  4 shades of blue pots, 2 styles of plants, 1 land impact each.  Only $99L!  Click on the picture to go to the Marketplace listing.

Tropical Plant Groupings The Blues 700x525 Main


I have upgraded the Hayes Sex Bed V3 to the Devotion Line!  Now features XPOSE scripting, Xcite support, and a huge variety of animations.  I am sending the upgraded bed to all current owners of the Hayes Bed via an update sender.  If you do not receive your update or accidentally decline the offer, contact me and I will make sure you get the update.

The Devotion Bedroom Set (Hayes Version) features super low prim mesh pieces that will fit into any prim budget.  The bed is a lean 3 prims, and matching furniture is 1-2 prims each. Only 12 prims for the basic setup! (9 pieces).  This set includes lots of matching furniture and extra deco to make your bedroom just the way you want.  All pieces are low prim so you can do a lot with a little!

For a LIMITED TIME, the set is L$1,999, bed only is L$1,799.   (Regular pricing will be L$3,299 and L$2,799.)

Devotion Version Hayes Bedroom Set 600x450 all small


Click on the pictures to go to the Marketplace listings, or visit Lok’s Inworld Store to view all sales near the entrance.

Loks Cuddle Shower
Cuddle Shower, Only 5 prims!
Sale Price: L$399
Regular Price: L$899


Loks Confessional Second Life
Confessional Booth – Lovely little confessional booth with opening and closing velvet drapes and 8 animations in each bench.
Sale Price: L$99
Regular Price: L$399


washer dryer ad
Washer & Dryer Set with Color Change!
Sale Price: L$19
Regular Price: L$49


All items listed here only $L60!  Click on the pictures to go to the Marketplace listings, or visit Lok’s Inworld Store to view all sales near the entrance.

Lok's Simplista Dining Room Set White

Simplista Dining Room Set Lower View
Simplista Dining Room Sets – normally L$499, huge discount!


Lok's Herb Garden with Mesh Plant Stand MAIN

Herb Garden Stand Sponsor Gift Nov 13 2013_512x512 MAIN
Herb Garden with Stand and 8 additional stands – normally L$149


Loks CuddleBugs Heart Pillow
Cuddle Bugs Heart Pillow – normally L$99


Naughty Counter 512x512
Evil Bunny 4 Hunt runs through April 15th.  Hint and more info at store.

Signs of Life Photo Collection 512x512

Gatcha Kittehs 512x512
Cookie Jar Spring Festival Hunt and Gatcha Fair run through April 26th. Visit the Cookie Jar Sim!


Desktop with Nature Pic and Quote 512512
April Subscriber Gift from Lok’s – current subscribers can pick up at store entrance,
new subscribers will be sent gift shortly after joining:

I hope you have a great weekend, please feel free to IM or notecard Sera Lok if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about anything.  =^.^=

Low Primmingly Yours,
Sera Lok

Lok’s Low Prim Furniture in Second Life®